Add an Invoice

One of the core features of Service Autopilot is automatic invoicing. Any time a Job is completed, an Invoice will be generated and created. You can also manually generate Invoices that are not tied to any Jobs from the Client Account or the Invoice list (Accounting > Invoices). 

Client Account

To add an Invoice to a Client Account, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to a Client Account.
  2. Under the "Accounting" header, click Add a Transaction
  3. Select Add an invoice


  4. The Add Invoice overlay appears. Enter the details in the top right column of the Invoice. 


  5. In the middle section, select an applicable Service or Product from the dropdown list. Be sure to edit the details as needed, such as Quantity, Rate, Total, and so on. Be sure to save your line item row before continuing.

    Note: If you're adding a Product, select your Enhanced Product Invoice settings.
  6. Using the checkboxes, mark whether you need to print or email the Invoice, lock the Invoice, or flag it for review.
  7. Add an internal Memo if needed.
  8. Click Save when you're done.
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