Filter the Client List by Client Since Date

The Client Since Date Filter searches Client records for the Client Since field:


If a Client was manually added to Service Autopilot, this date defaults to the date the Client was created. The Client Since field can be edited at any time. If a Client is added by importing into SA, this field can be customized in your spreadsheet under the Client Since Date column.

The Client Since Date filter can be useful for Marketing and Scheduling purposes. It's an easy way to begin figuring out who your oldest and best Clients are.

To filter the Client List for a specific signup date, use the following steps:

  1. Go to CRM > Clients.
  2. Select Add Filter

  3. Select the Client Since Date Filter from the Filter dropdown list. 

  4. Select a condition Filter. Remember that "Less Than" means any Client before the date, and "Greater Than" refers to any client after the date.

  5. Enter a date. The date can be typed M/D/YY or selected from the calendar. 

  6. Click Search.


You can use the same steps to apply the same filter to your Leads List (CRM > Leads).


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