Bulk Schedule Jobs from the Client List

You can schedule jobs in bulk in Service Autopilot from the Client List. It's an easy way to do the scheduling at one time for multiple locations. To Bulk Schedule Jobs, use the following steps:

  1. Go to CRM > Clients.
  2. Select the check box next to every Client you want to schedule work for.  Apply a filter, if needed. The check box at the top of the list selects all Clients displayed.
  3. Hover over Actions and select "Bulk Schedule Jobs" from the dropdown list. 

  4. Enter Job information on the Bulk Schedule overlay. All of the Clients you selected on the Clients List will be selected on the overlay. See below for further explanation of the overlay

  5. Click Schedule Services.


The Bulk Scheduling Overlay - Explained

The top left portion of the overlay lets you choose Service information:


If you update the When to Invoice field, the change will affect only the Job(s) being scheduled regardless of the Client default. By clicking the Use Matrix button, you will prompt the system to use whatever rate matrix pricing you have set up. 

The top right portion allows you to Globally Update the scheduled Service:


Any changes made here will be applied to all selected Clients that are listed on the lower portion of the overlay. This is an alternative to manually entering these fields for every Client you have selected. You can always manually update any Client after applying a Global Update. 

Depending on the extent of the Services you've scheduled and the number of Clients affected, it may take some time for the screen to reload. You will see the "Working" indicator as the Jobs are being created. When the update is completed, the Client List appears.

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