Invoice List - Bulk Charge Cards

From your Invoice list, you can charge credit cards in bulk. Any Invoices that are set to be paid by credit card will appear on the Invoices to Charge tab. Invoices appear on that tab because the Client's default payment method is set to a credit card type or because an individual Invoice was set to be paid by credit card. In any case, you can easily charge one or more Invoices with just a few clicks. 

Note: You can charge cards from any tab on the Invoice list regardless of the payment method on the Invoice. If you accidentally charge an Invoice without a credit card on file, it will then remain on the Invoices to Charge tab until a Payment is allocated to that Invoice.

To charge credit cards in bulk from the Invoice list, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Invoices to Charge tab. 


  2. Select one or more Invoices to charge. To select all, check the box at the top of the table. You may need to increase the page size to charge all Invoices at once.
  3. Go to Actions > Charge Cards


Any Invoices that are successfully charged will disappear from the Invoices to Charge tab. Any charges that do not process will remain on the Invoices to Charge tab with a reason for the unsuccessful charge in red. 

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