Create Custom Screen Views

You can save a number of different views on several screens within Service Autopilot. These views load  any selected filters to save you time when pulling up filtered lists. Custom views can currently be applied to the following screens: Clients, Leads, Estimates, Calendar, Dispatch Board, Snow Dispatch, and Dispatch Calendar. In this article, we'll work within the Client List. To create a custom view, use the following steps:

  1. Go to CRM > Clients.
  2. Select the dropdown menu next to the Clients heading and select "Create View." 

  3. A dialog appears to enter the new Screen View name. Enter a name and click Save

  4. After saving, you will be looking at your new view.

  5. Add any filters you'd like to load when you select that View. Click Search.
  6. Go back into the View dropdown list and click the "Save" link next to your new View. 



Now, whenever you load that View, the page will load with the filters you selected. You can edit Screen Views at any time by saving again. You can delete Views by selecting the "X" instead of the "Save" link.




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