Add Late Fees to Invoices

While there is no way to automatically add late fees to Past Due Invoices, you can do this manually. This process requires some setup so the workflow is outlined for clarification: 


  1. Create a Service called Late Fee.
  2. An invoice is past due.
  3. Add an additional line item to paste due Invoices for the "Late Fee" service.
  4. Re-send the Invoice to the Client.


Steps to Add a Late Fee

  1. Create a Service under Settings > Services.
    Service: Late Fee
    Sales Tax Code: Tax (if the Services on the Invoice are taxed)
    Service Mode: Flat Rate
  2. Open a Past Due Invoice under Accounting > Invoices > Past Due.
  3. Add a Line Item: Late Fee.
  4. Add an amount to the late fee.
  5. Click Save.

Late fees cannot be added to Invoices in bulk.

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