Interactive Training

Service Autopilot's interactive training courses use blended learning to help you retain what you need to know to be successful with Service Autopilot.

Note: Service Autopilot is frequently updated, so the appearance of the screens in some places might be slightly different from what you see on your screen, but the concepts are the same.

Click a title to launch one of the courses below:

Getting Started

Get Up and Running

Learn the basics of Service Autopilot, including how to set up clients, services, employees, and jobs. Become familiar with the basic workflow of Service Autopilot, from setup, dispatching, invoicing, and getting paid.

Using SA Mobile Apps

Learn all about Service Autopilot's Team App and Legacy App to help you complete work in the field

Beyond the Basics

Managing Your Clients

Get familiar with Service Autopilot's tools that help you communicate with your clients. This includes emailing, creating documents, assigning To Do's, and logging Calls. 

Marketing, Sales, and Estimates

Learn how Service Autopilot can boost your growth through print and email marketing and a robust estimating system. This includes how to set up and use document templates and how to set up and send Estimates.

Advanced Scheduling Operations

Learn about advanced scheduling tools such as Multi-Day jobs, Mobile Setup, GPS tracking, and the Dispatch Board map. This is a great course for operations managers.


Learn about Service Autopilot's Automations feature which automates client correspondence, such as new lead emails, estimate follow-ups, and past-due invoice notices. Please note that this is a Pro Plus feature.

Using the Mobile App

Learn how to use the full Mobile App and Team App in the field. You'll learn how to clock in and out for the day, clock into jobs, take payments, and create estimates among other things.

Snow Removal

Learn how to set up and use the Snow System in Service Autopilot.  The interactive lessons will walk you through setting up the snow system, show you what to do during a snowstorm, show you how snow jobs work on the mobile app, and how to close out and invoice your snow events. 


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