Filters in SA

We have a common saying at SA - filters are your friendFilters are a useful tool on almost every list page that will help you find the information you need quickly. On some screens, you can even save your views so you don't have to apply the same filters every time you visit the screen. 

There are a couple of places to look for filters depending on if you are on a V2 or new screen. On pages like the V2 Invoice List, your filters are at the top of the page: 


They're easy to miss if you don't know they're there. Click on any filter to see its parameters. 

On pages like the Dispatch Board, you may have the option to create new views. If this is possible, you will see this dropdown list near the top of the page:


All new screens have the capability to create new screen views. Some common filters have been created for you so you can access them easily. On the new Accounts screen, you can click to view All common filters:


The new screens were designed for more consistency across all screens, especially in terms of filters. For more information about filters in new screens, see the separate articles on the types of filters offered on each page, such as this one for the Invoices Screen. While the filters are different on each screen, the same basic principle applies as far as applying the filters and saving them for future use. 

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