Add and Manage Tags

Tags are a very powerful tool in SA that can help you manage your Accounts. If you have a Pro Plus subscription, Tags are also a very common trigger and/or condition for Automations.

You can conveniently manage all Tags in a single location by going to Settings > Tags. This will take you to your Tags list:


By default, you will be viewing all active Tags. This means these Tags can be used immediately. If any Tags have a prefix on them such as "LB" (for "Launch Bundle"), you probably downloaded it from the Marketplace

The first three tabs divide your Tags by status: Active, Inactive, or All. The other two tabs are where you can divide the list into Tags and Tag Category. Categories are useful if you have a lot of different Tags and could use some organization. 

Click the Add Tag button to add a new Tag. It will open this dialog:


Fill out the information on the dialog then click Save to complete. This is simply to add a new Tag, it will not apply the new Tag to any Accounts.

From this page you can also:

  • Edit any existing Tag
  • Inactivate Tags
  • Activate Tags
  • Delete Tags (only if they are not currently in use)

The Assign to function on the Actions list refers to the Category assigned to a Tag.

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