Switch from V2 to the New Version of SA

Version Toggle

We've added a toggle to a number of Service Autopilot pages, so you can more easily select and control the version of SA you want to view. 
This new toggle can be found on the following pages:

    • My Day page (not yet functional)
    • Client/Account list
    • Invoices list
    • Credits list
    • Expenses list
    • Contracts/Installment Plans list
    • Payments list

To view the V2 version of the selected screen, slide the toggle to the left: 


To view the new version of the selected screen, slide the toggle to the right:


Note: Related screens will appear in your desired version. For example, if you navigate to Accounting > Invoices and set your toggle, the screen will update to the selected version. Afterward, anytime you access an invoice from the Invoices list, it will also appear in your selected version:


If a new version doesn't exist for your desired page, such as the My Day page, you will receive a message stating that "No new version of the page exists yet."

All Other Screens

To enable the new version for all other screens, simply click the try it out button in the banner at the top of the screen:


To switch back to the older version, click the switch back button in the banner again:


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