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These are some questions from real SA Members about the mobile apps. The list is separated loosely by category. 


General App Questions

We do snow, fert, lawn, etc. Can we use both apps? Or do we have to pick one or the other?
You can definitely use both. Employees who are mobile users can log into both apps so you don't have to worry about purchasing additional user licenses.
How does the clock-in work when crew members arrive at different times from the crew leaders?
You can edit your crew at any time on either app if Resources don't arrive at the same times. On the Legacy App, the crew leader can edit the Team without being clocked in. On the Team App, the crew leader has to be clocked in to edit the Team. Each crew member could also clock in for the day on their own mobile device if you wanted that.
Is there a way to have something pop up in the app to automatically remind them to text the client the ETA?
There is not a way to enable a push notification for that but you could put it in a Job Note that’s required to be seen before the start of the Job.
Do we have to have the provider of the customer's cell phone number if we wish to text them?
Unless you have the ProPlus subscription and Two Way Texting, yes.
When clients respond to text messages, where do those responses go?
If you don't have the ProPlus subscription and Two Way Texting it'll go to the company email address. If you do have that subscription, it'll be in the Message Center.
Once they start the job (and check off each note), are they still able to go back to see the notes?
Yes, Job Notes are always visible in the Job Details.
Can you have multiple jobs set up at one property without having 19 line items? For instance, in landscaping what if we have a delivery as well as multiple plants and flowers and granite so on so forth?
If you're doing a delivery of multiple items, that could be a single Service with multiple Products so it would keep your Dispatch Board a bit cleaner.
Which version of Forms works with which app?
Legacy Forms will only appear on the Legacy App. V3 Forms are exclusively on the Team App.
What happens with skipped jobs? Do they automatically go to the Waiting List to be rescheduled?
If a Job is skipped it will remain on the Dispatch Board with a status of "skipped".
Is it possible to use the average budgeted time from previous visits at a particular property to create or influence the budgeted hours for future visits?
No, you would have to manually update the B. Hrs on the Master Job.


Team App

My teams said they couldn't see the start time of their jobs in the Team app. Are we doing something wrong?
No, appointment times cannot be seen from the Team App.
Can I view tomorrow's or yesterday's schedule on the Team app?
No, just today's work.
If I tap “Finish Day” on the Team app, I cannot resume again even if more jobs are added. The office staff has to manually clock me in again for me to resume using the app. Is there a way for me to clock myself in again?
No, the Timesheet record would need to be modified from the full site before you can clock in again.
Is there a way to require technicians to check box the visit notes each time they start the same job on the Team app? The Legacy App did require this but the Team app only requires the check box the first time you start the job.
No, there's not a way to require them more than once on the Team App. If you take a break or pause the Job, you can still see them if you swipe up to see the Job details.
When using the Team app, if I leave a comment for the office, is there a way for my office staff to be notified immediately of the new comment, similar to a push notification? Or am I better off just calling the office if I need a response from the office?  
You'd be better off calling the office. The comment would be sent immediately to the Dispatch Board but you'd have to refresh the DB to see the new comment.
Does drive time on the Team app trigger by movement? What if a team clocks in and is loading for 30 min?
Drive time is tracked by timesheet record. When the user clocks in for the day it automatically starts drive time for the first job. If you spent 30 minutes loading after clocking in, it will report as drive time on the first job. When you finish one job it automatically starts drive time for the next job.
Since the Team app starts drive time as soon as you clock in for the day, how can we record load time?
Some Members create a Job assigned to an operations account that covers the non-billable time and tracks it that way.
Is there a password memory option for the Team app?
No, but there is an option for Face ID or fingerprint in Settings on the Team app. The options vary based on the device you have.
What is the load list?
The Load List will tell your Team all the Products they need for the day before they clock in for the day on the Team App.
Does the Team app have a “require read job notes” option?
Yes, it does.
For the bulk clock-in on the Team app, can you clock into more than two jobs at the same time?
On the Team app, you can’t clock into more than one job at a time.
Can you view the mileage report somewhere on the desktop in the office?
No, the mileage report is only visible on the Team app.
On the Team app, is mileage based on driving directions or on GPS tracking as the mobile device moves?
Mileage is based on GPS.
Is there a way to see the full day's list of jobs in the Team app, or is it always limited to the current job?
If you have multiple Jobs for the day, each one will say Job # of # at the top and there will be an arrow to view the next Job in the list.
On the Team app, I notice that the mileage report only shows mileage for the last week. Are Mileage records stored in desktop version indefinitely?
The Mileage Report is only visible for the previous week.
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