❓ V3 Forms and Smart Maps FAQ's

These are some questions from real SA Members about Smart Maps and V3 Forms from the live training webinar hosted on May 6, 2020. The list is separated loosely by category. 

V3 Forms

When do we have to switch to V3?
You can still switch between V2 and V3 for the foreseeable future and there is no date to take V2 away. Don't worry, you'll be warned before it goes away. It’s best to start using V3 functionality as soon as you can to get used to the changes.
How would I change out V2 Forms for a V3 Form in an Automation?
Once you recreate your Form in V3, you just need to select the new Form in place of the old one in the Form Email event in the Automation.
How do I access the Marketplace for Form templates?
The Marketplace is found by hovering over your avatar in the upper-right corner of SA. If you don't see it, check your User Roles & Rights to make sure it's enabled.
Can we link a Form to Facebook for marketing?
If a Form is set to be published to a Website (on Step 3 of the Forms Designer) you could use the URL from the “Hosted Form” option to add it to social media.
Is there a way to have some fields appear side by side instead of stacked? Such as first and last name? Or photos?
It is not possible to put Form fields side-by-side at this time or to create columns.
I have no choices in my field mapping. How and why could this happen?
This would only happen if you do not have any Custom Fields set up in SA or if you have a field selected that cannot be mapped.
What's a net promoter?
A Net Promoter score lets you know what your clients think of you on a numeric scale.
Does the Net Promoter Score sync up with Google or Facebook?
Not at this time.
Is there a way to show what your average Net Promoter score is on a website? Or show what people have said on a website?
Automatically in real-time? No. You would need to manually update your website with those scores and comments.
Can we put a Form on our own website?
Yes, on the third step of the Forms Designer, set your Form to publish to a Website.
Can a Form be sent to a client in an email?
Yes, it can. You will want to include the Form Link merge tag in your Document or Email and then designate which Form you want to send when you send the Document.
Can you have a cause and effect in a Form? For example, "How many irrigation zones does the client have?" Tech answers, it changes how many zones are displayed for notes to be made.
Yes, you can add conditional logic to a Form by using Rules. Know that all Rules have to go to the same final page.
Once you jump to a new Page can you bring it back to the original to choose a second option?
Yes, this is possible but, again, note that a Form can only have a single “Submit” button so all Forms need to end up in the same place.
Can multi-page Forms with rules be embedded into our website?
Yes, they can. Set your Form to publish to a Website on the third step of the Form Designer.
Is there a limit to the number of Forms we can have?
No. That's one of the advantages of the filters on the Forms screen. Even if you have a lot of Forms you can keep things clean and efficient.
Are V3 Forms only available on the Team App?
Yes, V3 Forms will appear exclusively on the Team App.
Can you capture a signature with a Form?
Not at this time. Signatures can only be captured from an Estimate.
Will we see new leads if captured using a V3 Form on our website if we’re still using V2 in the office?
Yes, you would see new leads on the V2 Clients/Leads List.
Can you print out Forms that have been filled out?
Yes, Form Responses can be printed one-by-one from each individual response.
Would there be a way for the feedback Forms to go out after every Job?
Yes, it would be possible to automatically send a form through Automations.
Can you send a Form for some Jobs but not all?
Yes, you can tie a Form to a Service either to be filled out by your employees or to be sent to clients through an Automation. For the Automation, the trigger is the Service so any clients with that Service would receive the Form when it is completed.
For the feedback Form, if it went out every time, can you sort by good feedback versus bad feedback?
Not in the Form Response screen. You could Export Form Responses (it'll go to an Excel spreadsheet) for further analysis.
Can you bulk email a Form?
Yes. You would send the email from the Accounts screen. Select the clients you want to email and use a Document with the Form Link merge tag to add your Form to the email.
Can a post-service checklist be associated with a list of clients in V2 like in V3?
No, that’s a feature that’s exclusive to V3 Forms.


Smart Maps

Is Smart Maps a standard feature?
No, Smart Maps is an additional subscription you can add to your Pro or ProPlus account. Hover over the avatar in the top right corner of SA and select “Account & Billing” to learn more or purchase the subscription.
Would Smart Maps benefit just a standard housekeeping service?
Some cleaning companies use the square footage of a home as a pricing metric. If you used Smart Maps for this, you would need to know how many floors the house has, if it has an attached garage, if the basement is finished, etc., and then copy the measurements you took or manually multiply the area measurement. Smart Maps also enables a Map on the V2 Clients List that can help with your route density and making your Teams more efficient.
Can you copy your measurements from one field to another?
Yes, measurements can be copied once they're taken. From the Edit Property overlay, the copy option is in the Measurements table.
Does Smart Maps give us the interior square footage of the home?
No, Smart Maps will only be exterior measurements but you could infer the interior square footage from the exterior measurement.
How can I draw a grouping on the map?
To create a Group Filter on the map on the Clients List, use the second tab on the map console.
Can you reverse the route order?
Yes, you can. See this article on how to easily reverse the route order.
How do I get different colored pins to appear on the map?
When you're viewing multiple days on the Dispatch Board, the pin colors will be by day. If you view a single day the pin colors will be by resource.
How do you optimize more than 23 stops for one driver?
Google Maps has a limitation of 23 stops so you would either have to optimize through TrackRoad with optimization tokens or optimize multiple times through Google Maps.
I don't see “Account” under CRM. How can I view the new Accounts screen?
You will only see "Account" under CRM if you are currently on a V3 screen. Click "Client" and you'll be taken to the Accounts Screen (if you've already accessed it) or the Clients List where you can click the button in the banner to switch to the V3 view.
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