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These are some questions from real SA Members about Job Costing. They cover various basic and setup topics and many include real-life scenarios that you would find in the industry. The list is separated loosely by category. Remember that Job Costing is limited to completed Jobs and it's not comprehensive accounting-style reporting, it's used to find out how profitable you are at the Job level.


Job Costing Setup

Where is the best place to enter labor burden/cost for sub-contractors?  Currently, we do it as a product cost labeled "Sub Rate" because we don't contract hourly, the cost is job-specific.
We generally recommend entering sub-contractors as Vendors. There, you can set up costing information similar to the way you can for Employees but it is an hourly rate. If you pay sub-contractors a flat rate, the Product rate is a good idea.
How should I calculate labor cost?
Labor burden is your total financial contribution for an employee. Normally, you would figure this annually and then divide it down into an hourly rate. You will want to include gross pay, any type of insurance you have to provide, taxes, bonuses, and any other expenses you have that are specifically for employees.
If you change your employee cost information, is that change used only from that point on?
Yes. Updates to Employee costing information will not retroactively apply to reports.
Where do I enter costing information for Services?
Settings > Services > Click on a Service > Job Costing/Analysis tab.
What is Target $/Hr?
Target $/Hr is the ideal amount of money you want to be making per hour to cover your costs of doing business. This might vary from Service to Service.
In Settings > Job Costing there is a second tab called “Variable & Fixed Overhead”.  Is this the company default OH that would go into Job Costing?
No, the information found on this page only applies to Estimates, not to Job costing.
Does drive time include morning and evening yard time?
No, drive time is only the time spent driving from Job to Job. While the Team App beings tracking drive time when you clock in for the day, if you did this on yard time, it would skew the costing information for the first Job of the day and your report would not be accurate.
How do you calculate drive time?
The easiest way to calculate drive time is by using one of the mobile apps – then it’s done for you. Otherwise, you would have to have your crews record it on paper route sheets or know how long it takes you to drive to a Job on average.
Does the Team App track drive time?
Yes, it does. From the time you clock into the app until you start the first job is recorded as drive time as well as the time between Jobs. This is done automatically and can’t be manipulated on the app itself.
If you have a spray business would you apply the cost in the service or in the chemical tracking?
You would have costing information on the Employee (the spray tech), the spray service, and on the chemical product.
If the service is attached to a Contract and the b. hours are on the Contract, do you need to enter the b.  hours on the Job too?
Yes, you would need to re-enter this information as you can’t schedule Jobs from a Contract. With V3 Installment Plans, budgeted hours are not on the Installment Plan.
Can the guys confirm the quantity of Product used on the mobile app?
Yes, mobile users can confirm Product on both apps but you should always double-check Products on the Close Out Day screen to make sure it's correct.
If you have 20 customers on one street, how do you capture each customer? Do you clock in and out for each customer or just look at your daily cost? How is this normally handled?
The Mobile App does offer a function called Bulk Clock-In which you can find out more about here
How do we get the Close Out Day on our Dispatch Board?
If you don't see that view, you can create a new one and enable "Close Out Day" from the column selection on the right side of the table.


SA Job Costing Reports

Does the pre-built Job Cost Report only calculate numbers for Jobs that are marked “complete”? 
Yes, only Jobs in a status of "complete" will appear in your Job Costing Reports.
How do you do a cost analysis when sometimes you are having to use overtime hourly rates on a crew that was budgeted for their regular hourly rates?
Because the Job Cost Reports do not factor in overtime hours, you would have to manually amend the calculations to account for overtime pay.
Does job costing only include labor cost?
Primarily, yes. Product information is also included in the Job Costing Reports.
Does any job costing data sync with QuickBooks?
As far as Job costing, some information syncs and other information does not. Please see this list of everything that does sync to QuickBooks.
If you get the guys going in the morning and then you find out later one guy was missing from Crew 2 so you pulled one off Crew 5 and put him onto Crew 2 and you don't update the crews on the Dispatch Board until mid-day, what will the cost reports show? 
You would have to go through your Close Out Day screen and make sure all the punches are accurate and that the guy who called out doesn't have any hours clocked. Then, your costing will be correct.
Is there any way to have a report that shows who is on which crew each day? 
There are a few places you could see this information depending on when you want to see it. Unless the Team is modified on the Dispatch Board, it will be the default Team Assignment (Team > Teams > Click on a Team > Default Assignment). If your Teams change daily, you would have to check the Dispatch Board each day. After Jobs are completed, you could check the Timesheet or several other reports to see who had worked that day.
What report can I use to show total revenue by service for the year?
The Revenue by Service report would give you this information for the year to date or for multiple years depending on the search parameters. You can find this report by going to Report Center > SA Reports.
How can I create a customer list?
You can export your list of clients by going to CRM > Accounts. Set a filter to view Accounts, select all items in the table, then the Export option is under the Actions menu.
Can you export customer contact information to a mobile phone or Gmail?
Exports are always Excel files. There might be a way to get it into Google Sheets and then Gmail but I'm not sure how.


Custom Reports

How do you name an Analysis?
From within the analysis, click on the name in the gray bar at the top. This will give you the option to edit the name. You can name your custom analysis whatever you'd like. Just as a general practice, it’s a good idea to name your analysis with the current date and a general idea of what the analysis will show. You can always change the name later.
For the sliding date, is the first date the begin date or the end date of the sliding range?
The first date is the begin date, second date the end date. If the analysis is set for "Today", they're both set to the same date.
Is there an article that explains where each clickable data item is pulling from in a custom analysis?
The most comprehensive information is in the Report Center User Guide (Help > User Guides).
In building an analysis to calculate my daily gross revenue compared to my net revenue, is there a way to include time that may not have been associated with a job?
There are some data sets that correspond to time sheets - Start and end times for actual hours, clock in/out hours, and drive time.
How do we make a report run every day?
You can create a delivery schedule for a custom report but this is only available with the Pro Plus subscription.
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