❓ Billing FAQ's

These are some questions from real SA Members about billing functions in the system. They cover various topics and many include real-life scenarios that you would find in the industry. The list is separated loosely by category. 


Invoice Setup

How does Print in Advance work?
If a Client/Job is set to Print in Advance, the Invoice will be generated when the Job is dispatched so you can print them and send them with your crews when they go out to do the work.
What if you serve several states and one does not charge sales tax?
Tax settings are customizable by Client. This would override the Service setting and the Invoices would generate per the Client setting.
For clients that are tax-exempt, can you store that information on their account and create something to remind you to update it when it expires?
You can set Clients to be non-taxable and add attachments to the account of their tax exemption forms. You might want to create a Custom Field with the expiration date of their exempt status (for easy searching from the Client List) and a To-Do scheduled on/near the renewal date to remind them you require new documentation.
Can Invoices be sent to more than one email address by default?
Yes, enter multiple email addresses into the Billing Email field separated with a semicolon and no space: email1@example.com;email2@example.com. This field does have a character limit so if you’re adding four or more email addresses you are likely to run out of room.
If you add a billing email in addition to the contact email, will both emails receive the invoice?
No, the billing email will take precedence over the contact email for Invoices.
How would you set up sub-contracted fertilizer Jobs/invoicing so we remember to run the card?
Regardless of the Job type or Resource who completes the Job, any Invoices can be charged at any time assuming there is a credit card on file for the account. If you have trouble remembering, try creating a To Do for yourself to remind you.
How do you Invoice multiple properties owned by the same Client?
If you set Clients up with a Master-Sub relationship, you can charge all related properties through the Master (where you would store the credit card information).
We have one client who has 75 properties we service and he is billed for all of them. How do I correctly enter them all to make sure I don’t miss any?
First, create the “Master” account where everything will be billed (even if you are servicing that address too). Then, add each one of the 75 properties as a new Client account and set the Master Property as the first one you created. All sub properties can be billed through the Master. As you’re going, use the Client List to help you keep count of how many you’ve done. If you search for the name on the Master, all of the sub properties will appear in the search as well so you can keep count of how many you’ve done.
Is it possible to have SA automatically include the service date on the invoice?
There are no Invoice Formats that include the Service Date. You can, however, add the Service date to your Invoice Grid which can go into the body of your default Invoice Email.
Can the Invoice have all the service dates for that month?
The answer to the previous question still applies here. If you have the billing frequency set to “monthly” for your Clients, you can include the service dates in the body of the Invoice email.
Is there a way to have the Memo field on the invoice print on whatever Invoice format you choose for everyone?
No, the Memo field is for internal use only. There are Invoice Formats (Settings > Invoice Customization) that have additional fields you can enter custom text for all clients.
Can you customize paper invoices?
To change the Invoice format, go to Settings > Invoice Customization. There are many options to choose from and some of them have customizable fields.
On the Dispatch Board, how can you set it up so Jobs are highlighted in red to alert you of needed review?
Jobs are highlighted in red on the Dispatch Board when Products need to be confirmed before they are Invoiced. This is a setting on the Product that’s on the Job.
How would you track or handle charitable work? Like servicing a church where the labor is free but they cover the cost of Products or servicing actively deployed military for free?
The simple answer is for any Jobs where you won’t collect on an Invoice, set the rate to $0.00. You’ll have to remember this on your Job Costing Reports, that you’ll have Jobs that are way “off-target” in the report because you’re not receiving Payment for them.
How would you handle Jobs when an Estimate is Invoiced before the services have been done?
However you schedule the Job, an Invoice will generate when the Job is completed even if it’s a $0.00 Invoice.


Invoice Frequency

What if you have clients that want to be charged on a specific day of the month but not one of the normal billing dates? Some on the 12th, some on the 15th, etc.
You can customize an Invoice date in your Company Information (Settings > Company Information >Accounting). You can only set up one custom Invoicing Date in Company Settings. For this particular scenario, you could create Tags for other dates. Then you can apply a Tags filter on the Invoices Screen to know who wants to be charged on a certain day and charge them in bulk.
Can we have more than one custom invoice date so we can bill on the 15th and 30th of each month?
You can only set up one custom Invoice date in your Company Settings (Settings > Company Information > Accounting). However, if you want to bill twice a month, you could set your Clients to Invoice monthly then complete any incomplete Invoices on the 15th. Any Services completed between then and the end of the month will appear on the Invoice that will automatically generate on the last day of the month.
If you set to bill on the 30th or every 30 days, what happens on months there are 31 days?
If you want to bill consistently on the last day of the month, set the Invoice Frequency to “monthly”. Invoices will generate on the last day of the month regardless of the number of days in the month.
If you bill on the last day of the month, will it include work done that day?
Yes, just don't send out Invoices or charge them until the first.
What should I do when a client wants one Invoice per month with all charges for the month?
This depends on when they want their Invoice. If it’s at the end of the month, their Invoice Frequency can be set to “monthly”. If they want it on any other date, you can use the Custom Invoice Date but remember this is set at the company-level so there is only one, unique option.
If we service bi-weekly and bill on the 15th and again on the last day of the month, is that a possibility? For clients to receive Invoices twice a month?
I think the best way to do this would be to keep them with a monthly billing frequency and manually complete Invoices on the 15th and send them. Any Jobs completed from when you complete Invoices on the 15th to the last day of the month will appear on the Invoice that will automatically generate at the end of the month.



Can you add an Invoice Reminder to review in bulk?
No, this cannot be added in bulk on the Invoice or Client level.
How can I charge credit cards in bulk in V3?
If you are integrated with a credit card processor, you can charge Invoices in bulk from the Invoices screen. Set a filter to view the Invoices you need to charge, check the box next to one or more Invoices, then click Charge Cards.
Can Invoice Reminders to review be removed in bulk?
Yes, all Invoice Reminders can be removed in bulk.
When you clear the email reminder [in V3] can you choose to lock it as well as you are able to now?
You would have to manually Lock the Invoice after you remove the Reminder. Emailing or Printing will auto-lock the Invoice but not simply removing the Reminder.
Where can the "child" Invoices be merged to send one Invoice to the "parent" account?
This can be done from the Invoices Screen (Accounting > Invoices). Check the boxes next to the Invoices you need to merge to reveal the Actions menu.
Is this the same process you would use to merge invoices on the same account? Such as a contract invoice and a non-contract invoice on the same account?
Yes, you can merge Contract and non-Contract Invoices in the same way.
Would I have to merge Invoices to put recurring and package Jobs on the same invoice?
It depends on the Invoice frequency for the Client and Jobs. If they’re all set to “monthly” then everything will appear on the same Invoice when it’s generated at the end of the month.
Why is merging Invoices when using QBO a bad idea?
QuickBooks (Online or Desktop) doesn't have the capability to merge Invoices in the same way SA does. With QBO you can't stop items from syncing, they do so upon creation. If you sync with QBO and merge Invoices your Account Balances will not be accurate and it is VERY difficult to resolve.
If invoices are being created in QuickBooks Online and Service Autopilot by different staff, will the Invoice numbers know not to duplicate due to the sync?
You can Invoice out of both systems but you will need to change the "Last Invoice Number Used" (Settings > Invoice Customization) in SA otherwise QBO and SA will generate Invoice numbers at the same rate and you'll end up with duplicates, sync errors, and Invoices that won’t sync.
Do Expenses sync to QuickBooks?
No, Expenses do not sync to QuickBooks Desktop or Online. If you add Expenses to Invoices, you will have balance discrepancies between the two systems.
In the area with Subtotal, Sales Tax, and Total on an Invoice, is there a way to include a Deposit?
Short answer – no. Since a deposit is a Payment and not an Invoice line item, it's not possible to add a past Payment to an Invoice. The only way you can show a Client a previous Payment AND current charges would be through an Account Statement (Client account > More > Account Statement) or an Invoice Format (Settings > Invoice Customization) that reads more like a credit card statement and shows previous transactions.
How do you add interest to a past due invoice and can you do this in bulk?
This would be done through an Other Charge and it cannot be done in bulk.
Would you use Other Charges for a paper billing fee?
Yes, you could use them for any type of fee since they are customizable.
Will Invoices that have already been emailed to the client update automatically if you make changes to the Invoice such as adding a late fee?
If you attach a PDF of the Invoice to the Invoice Email, this attachment will not update. If the Client logs into the Client Portal (additional subscription), they will see the update. As a best practice, we recommend emailing Invoices again any time changes have been made.
If you decide to email all Invoices in bulk, if there are multiple Invoices for the same client, will they receive multiple emails?
Yes, they will receive multiple emails.
How can you add past services performed before using SA to have a history and be able to roll over a past due balances to SA?
You can manually generate Invoices for any date including dates in the past. There is not a way to do this in bulk.
Can a client pay Invoices without having a credit card on file?
Of course. If they use the Client Portal (additional subscription), they will have the option to make a one-time payment with a credit card that won’t save the card for future use. Otherwise, they would have to call you so you can process a one-time credit card payment.
We bill for weekly recurring weed control. Sometimes we can’t do a service due to rain, etc. Is there a way to automatically transfer Job Notes to Invoices? Then clients can understand why there is a weed if it has rain/wind 3 weeks in a row.
Automatically, no. You can update the Invoice Description from the Dispatch Board which might make for an easier workflow (click the Service name > copy from the Notes tab > paste to the Invoice Description tab).
Is there a way to show partial payments that are applied to an invoice?
There are some Invoice formats (Settings > Invoice Customization) that will show more like a credit card statement and show previous transactions but these will show where Payments are allocated. One option is to send the Client an Account Statement to make sure their account is paid in full.
What's the best way to get rid of an old "past due" Invoice for a client who passed away or refuses to pay?
If you will never receive payment on an Invoice, this is called “bad debt”. There are a number of ways to handle bad debt and we strongly suggest consulting with your accountant or bookkeeper to determine the best method for your business, especially if you sync with QuickBooks. The most common resolution is to pay the remaining balance of the Invoice with a Credit as this will close the Invoice and rectify the Client’s Account Balance.



How should I mark the payment method on an Account when the client doesn't want to share credit card information and just wants to pay invoices independently?
The Payment Method would still be credit card, the card would just not be on file. They would have to contact you to make a Payment or pay through the Client Portal (if you have that subscription).
How do I take a split payment?
You would have to enter two manual Payments, one for each Payment type.
Does your credit card processor integrate with QuickBooks? We are currently running customers’ cards through QuickBooks and are new to SA.
Clearent does not integrate with QB at this time. If you switched, you would have to run Payments through SA, and then those Payments would sync over to QB so you don't have to enter them twice.
How can I get set up with Clearant?
Head to Settings > Integrations and click the "Get Info" button in the message at the top of the page.
Is there a way to pass on credit card payment fees to the client?
You could set up an Other Charge (Settings > Other Charges) and apply that to the Invoice. This would need to be applied manually on each Invoice. Before doing this, be sure to research whether it is legal to do this for your business in your state as it is illegal in some states.
Can we enter ACH payments directly to our bank?
SA cannot process ACH payments at this time as it is a limitation of our processor - Clearent. As soon as they can do it, we'll be implementing it as well.
What's the difference between a Payment and a Credit?
A Payment represents funds received from a Client. A Credit is an amount to be applied to Invoices that the Client didn't pay (such as when your crew damaged a Client's property during service).
If a client prepays for the season, how do we set it up so the Invoice shows as paid but there is not a negative account balance for the remaining Prepayment?
This is actually a Company Setting (Settings > Company Information > Settings). About halfway down the overlay, make sure “Include PrePayment in Client balance” is de-selected.
How do I enter a Prepayment?
In V3, enter a Payment as you would any other, and under Advanced Actions, toggle the Prepayment switch. After saving the Payment, you can designate Services for the Prepayment from the Review Payment overlay.



How do you turn off automatic invoicing for Contracts but only those set to Invoice on a certain day of the month?
On the Contracts list (Accounting > Contracts), set a filter for “Billing Day”. Each Contract will need to have Auto-Invoicing disabled manually, Contract by Contract.
Does a Contract and a recurring Job the same type of billing?
Contracts are a billing method to bill accounts at a flat rate by the month regardless of services completed. Recurring services are Jobs that are completed on a regular schedule (weekly, biweekly, etc.) and can be billed on a number of different Invoice Frequencies or to a Contract.
What is the process to invoice customers for services for each month on the 10th before all services are completed and are due the last day of the month?
One option is to use an Installment Plan. This is a way to bill your Clients a set amount each month regardless of Services completed.
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