V3 Review Visit Overlay – Overview

Any individual instance of a Job is a Visit. To navigate to the Review Visit overlay, click anywhere you see a Job, such as on an Account Screen:


This will take you to the Review Job overlay. To view the details of a Visit, click anywhere you see a past or future Visit:


This will take you to the Review Visit overlay.


As with other review overlays, the Actions menu is on the left and the Visit details are on the right. On the Actions menu, you have the following options immediately available: Edit, and Pause. To make changes to the Visit, click Edit. To pause the Job, click Pause.
Click Advanced Actions to see more options:


Add/Remove Days will allow you to turn any Job into a Multi-Day Job or to remove days from an existing Multi-Day Job.
Set Status allows you to change the Status of the Visit without having to go to the Dispatch Board.
You can select Add Expense or Mark as Important to change the priority on the Dispatch Board.
The last three options allow you to add a Form response, Notes/Attachments, or a Job Comment to the Visit. 

Below the Advanced Actions is the Audit Trail. Click View All to see a history of the Visit including the users who made changes. 

On the right side of the Review Visit overlay, click the Clipboard icon next to the Job name to return to the Review Job overlay:


 Click the House icon next to the address to see the Review Property overlay:


 Click the Person icon next to the Account Name to see the Review Account overlay:


Click Show Advanced Options to view the Work Order # or Purchase Order #.
To close the overlay, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the screen. 

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