V3 Invoice List Screen - Overview

You can find the Invoice List by going to Accounting > Invoices. By default, this screen will be filtered to show Invoices with a balance greater than 0 and a status of "open":


Filters are critical to using this screen. There are additional pre-built filters to get you to the information you need to see. Click All Saved Filters at the left to view a list of common filters:


Selecting a pre-built filter will reload the table to view the relevant search criteria. Alternatively, you can build your own custom filters and save them for easy access by applying the filters on the left side of the table. When you return to this screen, you will see the last filter you applied. You can further refine your results by using the search bar at the top of the table. This will search Accounts within the current filter criteria.

At the top right, you can click Add Invoice to add a new Invoice or click Edit Table to manage which columns you see in the table and the order they appear. You can also move columns in the table by hovering at the left to reveal the double-dotted line:


Click and drag on the double-line to re-position the column. You can also click on the double-arrows on the right side of the column to sort the column in ascending or descending order. 

Any of the blue text is a clickable link. Click on an Invoice date to open the Invoice itself. Click on an account name to open the Client Account. 

To reveal more actions, check the box next to one or more Invoices to change the menu on the left:


From here, you can quickly charge open Invoices. Click on Advanced Actions to reveal more possible actions:


  • Email - Email the selected Invoices.
  • Print - Print the selected Invoices.
  • Mail - Allows you to have the selected Invoices sent to a service that will print and mail the Invoices for you. This service has an additional cost that varies based on the quantity you purchase. If you do not have adequate stamps to complete the action, you will be prompted to purchase additional stamps.
  • Lock - Locking Invoices is done automatically when you print or email. This prevents further changes from being made to the Invoice as it is assumed the Invoice was already sent to the client. You can also manually lock or unlock Invoices as needed. 
  • Reminders - Reminders appear as banners to help you remember to take certain actions on Invoices. They can be manually added or removed. This menu reveals three additional options:
    • Clear review - This Reminder can only be removed or added manually. This appears in the table as a flag icon.
    • Clear email - This Reminder is automatically removed when an Invoice is emailed. This appears in the table in the reminder column as an envelope icon.
    • Clear print - This Reminder is automatically removed when an Invoice is printed. This appears in the table in the reminder column as a printer icon.
  • Export - Export the selected Invoices to an Excel file, which will be available to download on your My Day page.
  • Merge - This action combines the selected Invoices. You will be prompted to select which Invoice to merge the Invoices into.
    Note: If you sync with QuickBooks Desktop, do NOT merge Invoices. 
  • Void - Voiding Invoices will reduce the balance to zero and the Invoice will no longer show as open or that any remaining balance is due.
  • Delete - Delete selected Invoices.
  • Add Other Charges - Add or remove other charges to your invoices in bulk.
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