Team Tracking

Team Tracking is a mobile app feature that lets you view your resources and jobs on the map in real-time. You can see the progress as they complete jobs and what routes they take between jobs. 

To access the team tracking map, go to Team > Team Tracking.

Setting Up Team Tracking

Follow these steps to enable a resource for Team Tracking in the field while using the mobile app:

1. Go to Team > Employees

2. Select an employee.

3. Click Edit next to their name.

4. Go to the Mobile Settings tab.

5. Select the GPS Tracking settings for this user. 


6. Click Save.

Note: Resources will need to be mobile users in order for Team Tracking to work.

Using Team Tracking on the Mobile App

Team Tracking tracks the movement of mobile users. The user will need to have location services enabled on their mobile device for the SA app, be logged into the app, and have it running in the background as they drive. Any of these could affect the breadcrumb reporting you see on the full site map. 

Make sure that all items on your Dispatch Board are correctly assigned and that those users have clocked in for the day on the mobile app before they start working. 

Full Site Functionality  


This section lets you filter the map by Date, Resources, Branches, and Tags.



Job View

This displays client stops for the day as pins. It also shows the selected resources by GPS points, which represent where the resources have traveled. Additionally, if you select the Show GPS check box, it will display the GPS points gathered for the selected resources utilizing the SA mobile app. 



Trucks + Remaining Jobs View

This displays the services that are dispatched and fit the criteria in the filter section as pins. It also shows the selected resource's location, which will appear as a "truck."




This will show you the last GPS point for the resources you select. The location will appear as a "truck" on the map.




This lists each visit you see on the map by Client, Service, and Icon. It also lists your selected employees by Resource name, the number of GPS points they have on the map, and Icon.



Client Visit Popup

If you click a pin on the map for a client, it will display a popup with additional information. The popup lists the Client's name and address, the job Priority, the Service, and the B. Hrs. The client name is a hyperlink that opens a new tab to the client's Account. 


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