Calendar Use - Overview

The Calendar is located under the Scheduling tab. Calendar Events and Jobs appear on the Calendar as appointments. This article will outline some of the beneficial features of the Calendar.



While there are filters on the Calendar, you have additional options to customize screen views. 


The Day, Week, and Month buttons change how many days you see at one time. The Timeline button will reorganize the Calendar by hourly time on the top and Resources on the left for a single day. The Resource button reverses the Timeline button - Resources are across the top and hours on the left. The Calendar icon allows you to change the date or date range. 

For additional information on saving Calendar Views, click here.


The More Button

The More button on the right side of the Calendar has additional customization options:


Assign Teams will open the Team Assignment overlay so you can edit that day's Team assignments:


Legend will open a dialog that explains the bubble colors on the Calendar. 

Text Message allows you to send a text message to Employees or Vendors.

Settings will open the Calendar Settingsoverlay, which has three tabs: "Config", "Event Details", and "Zoom Defaults":


For additional information about the Calendar Settings, click here


Creating a Calendar Event or Job

The only items that are displayed on the Calendar screen are your Calendar Events and Jobs. Conveniently, you can schedule these items directly from the Calendar. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Either double-click on an empty time slot or left-click and drag through empty time slots. 
  2. Double-click on the pencil icon to open the Schedule Item dialog. 


  3. Select Job or Calendar Event. Click Select. This will open the applicable overlay.
  4. Enter information as needed and save changes. This will create a new item on your Calendar.


Moving Calendar Items

Any Calendar items that do not have a set appointment time will appear clustered at the top of your daily Calendar:


The earliest time on your Calendar is determined by the Start Time of Work Day field (Settings > Company Information > Settings). The size of each bubble is determined either by the B. Hours, appointment start/end time, or a default value of 15 minutes if both of those fields are empty. 

If a Calendar item needs to be completed at a specific time, you can drag the item to the correct time or edit it to have a start and end time. This will add that appointment time to the Job instance on the Dispatch Board. 



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