How to Navigate the My Day Page

If you're brand new to Service Autopilot and fresh off of the Seven Step Setup Wizard, it's difficult to know where to go next. This article will explain everything you can do from where you land - the My Day Page:


Your My Day page may look different than this one. What you see here is primarily determined by your User Role and Rights. First, you'll see My Day is highlighted in the Navigation Bar. This tells you where you are. There are several categories that lead to other locations:

  • CRM - This stands for Client Relationship Management. It's where you'll find things relating to clients, potential clients (leads), and Estimates.
  • Scheduling - This is where you'll find items relating to scheduling, dispatching, and working jobs.
  • Accounting - This is where all accounting-related items are found, such as Invoices and Payments. 
  • Marketing - This is where you'll find Forms, Sales Campaigns, and Automations (if you have the Pro Plus subscription).
  • Team - Everything you need to manage your team is in this category, including Employees and Vendors. 
  • Reports - This is where all types of reporting can be found in SA.

There are additional features to the right of the Navigation Bar:


The magnifying glass icon is a Search function that you can use to search for Accounts, Invoices, Payments, and more. The plus icon is a Quick Add menu so you can do things like add a new Account from any screen in SA. The bell icon will show Alerts. The question mark icon will launch the Help widget, allowing you to search the Knowledge Base for helpful resources or chat with a Member Support Representative. The cog icon is where all Settings are kept. The avatar next to your company name is where you can manage your SA account.

Under the Navigation Bar, you may occasionally see a yellow banner. This does not appear all the time because it contains announcements from SA. Click the banner to learn more information or click the X at the right to dismiss it.

If you're just getting started, the rest of your My Day page will likely be pretty blank but here are some additional panels you can enable:

  • My Calendar - If you've added Calendar Events to the Calendar in SA, they will appear on this panel.
  • My Tickets - Tickets are a way of tracking non-billable time in SA. If you have any of those items assigned to you, they'll appear in this panel on the Due Today tab. There are several other tab options, including a tab for Watched Tickets.
  • Time Clock - This is where full SA users can clock in and out for the day (if you have the Time Clock enabled). Punches are recorded on Timesheets
  • Notifications - If you have any new notifications, they will appear in this panel.
  • Automations - This panel will display new emails from Automations that need your attention.
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