❓ Scheduling FAQ's

These are some questions from real SA Members about how to use the scheduling functions in the system. They cover various topics and many include real-life scenarios that you would find in the industry. The list is separated loosely by category. 

Job Types

We have a revolving maintenance list with no specific day/dates for visits. What type of job would you recommend?
Waiting List Jobs, either in a Package or one by one. If you don’t know the exact Service date, you’ll need a Waiting List Job.
How would you handle monthly shrub trimming that's to be completed during one of the normal mowing visits?
If you don’t know exactly what day you’ll be trimming, it will have to be a Waiting List Job. When you’re planning for a work day, have two tabs open in SA – one with the Dispatch Board, one with the Waiting List so you can easily see what trim jobs need to be dispatched.
If you have yearly contracts with lawn cutting and leaf removal is there a way to schedule that as a package so you can just renew it the following year?
This all depends on how you schedule. Lawn cutting is usually on a Master Schedule – a Recurring Job – and the Jobs won’t need to be renewed. If you don’t know the dates of the leaf removal, those will be Waiting List Jobs and if they’re in a Package they can be set to auto-renew so you don’t have to worry about renewing each Job.
Weed Control is generally done in the cooler months only (South Florida) but they are done bimonthly. For example, Nov, Jan, and March. Can that be set up as a Package? Or would I need to make a Master Schedule for that?
Either would work. A Package would be the most common solution.
If you have a set number of jobs per season per client with clients starting different points of season on same weekly/biweekly schedule, how do you set them up to automatically end after they've received all their jobs?
You can add a Client to a Master Schedule at any time regardless of the time of the year. Jobs will continue to appear on the Dispatch Board until the Master Schedule expires. If you have a situation where, for example, a Client receives a monthly service for a year from when they first sign up, you would use a Custom Package.
When scheduling a commercial mowing account that has a weekly mow but also a bi-weekly area (a retention basin), would we schedule each area separate or could the crew select the times they do the retention basin?
Best practice would be to schedule each area separately. The team leader will be able to see when the bi-weekly area is scheduled for a mow to tell his crew to do it.
Can you add a One-Time or Waiting List Job without creating and winning an Estimate first?
How would you set up recurring mows but only April through November?
You would change the Master Schedule (Settings > Master Schedules) so the effective dates are only during your mow season.
How would you schedule estimates and follow-ups? These typically have no cost to the customer but we do try and tie them into when we are in the area and time block them in 4-hour intervals.
Non-billable time we generally recommend that you schedule those as To Do's because those can be scheduled on specific dates/times but don't generate Invoices.
Is it better to schedule a Recurring Job that is done twice a week with two separate jobs or one job twice a week?
You could schedule them on with a single Master Schedule that way you won't have to create as many Jobs.
What happens when a crew shows up to perform mowing and an extra service needs to be done that is charged separately?
If you're using the Team App, your team leader can add additional services on the fly directly from the app then you can update pricing later from the Dispatch Board.
How do I add multiple One-Time Jobs with different locations for a single realtor?
First, if the realtor is who all the Jobs will be billed to, you will need to create Client accounts for every property and set them up so the realtor is the Master Property. Then, filter your Client List to view all the related properties and use the Bulk Schedule option on the Actions menu to schedule those Jobs quickly
What is a Work Order and the benefits of using one?
A Work Order is used when you have multiple services on the same Job record. It's a cleaner look on the Dispatch Board and you can make sure you get everything you need scheduled for that Client.
Can you mix different types of jobs into one package?
Packages are all Waiting List jobs scheduled for specific date ranges. You could use any Services you wanted in a Package. You can't mix One Time and Recurring Jobs in the same Job/Work Order, they need to be scheduled separately.
Would you recommend fertilizer applications to be a Waiting List Job since you can schedule different date ranges or a package job?
Either would work since Packages contain Waiting List Jobs, it depends how you market those services to your clients.


Master Schedules

We have two mowing crews that go out on Mondays. Do we need to have a Master Schedule for Crew 1 and a master schedule for Crew 2? Can all those jobs be assigned to the Master Schedule of "Weekly- Monday" and then the jobs split accordingly between two crews?
They can all use the same Master Schedule, the Jobs will just need to be assigned to the correct Team.
Can you schedule a Recurring Job every ten days except the customer asked not to do it on Sunday ever?
Yes, you'll just have to create a Master Schedule for that.
What happens if a bi-weekly Recurring Job doesn't need service on the even week it’s scheduled and you want to skip and do it next week instead?
You can always skip and/or reschedule Jobs from the Dispatch Board. Set up your Master Schedules for the days you intend to work.
Is there a way to schedule based on only four cuts a month? What happens if there’s five Wednesdays that month?
That's a tough one. Probably the best thing would be to update your Master Schedule to make sure you're mowing exactly when you want. Either way you're probably going to end up with a week without a mow if you can only do 4/mo.
If a Client is inactivated, does it take them off of the schedules immediately?
Yes, it will cancel all the Client’s Jobs.
Can I create a Master Schedule if I mow every 10-12 days?
You can create a Master Schedule for that. You would just have to select every 10-12 days. 


Job Overlay

Do you have to set a time for the jobs to be completed?
No. Even if appointment times are entered on the Job, the route order can override this on the mobile apps. If you have a Job with an appoint time of 8:00am (the beginning of the shift) but it is in route position 3, it will appear third in the list of Jobs on the mobile apps.
Is there an easy way to get the labor description from the Estimate onto the notes section for the job?
You can add a custom Job Note and Invoice Description to each line item on an Estimate. Both will transfer over to the Job if you schedule the Job from the Estimate.
If I have Packages that are “Call to renew”, will that renewal day show up on my daily tasks?
No. If you need to call to renew your Packages, we'd recommend either applying a Tag to the Client account or creating a To Do for yourself to call the Client when the Package is due for renewal.
If a client signs up in the middle of the season [for a Package], will the past rounds roll over to the next year? Or do you leave them unselected?
When scheduling a Package, you can schedule past rounds if the dates have already passed but they won't be automatically scheduled. They will apply to the next year if you renew and they are selected. 
Are budgeted hours on a recurring job the total for all job instances or for each individual occurrence?
Each occurrence.
Is B. Hrs always for one Resource?
B. Hrs is the total time it takes to complete the Job regardless of the number of Resources working the Job.
How can I update budgeted hours so it applies to all jobs automatically?
You can do this by updating the Service and applying a value for the Default B. Hrs (Settings > Services).
If we have a client on a Contract, can we still put the Rate in for the Recurring Job or will that double charge the client?
If you bill the Job to a Contract, they won't be double billed if you add a rate to the job.
What if you don't know which crew to assign the Job to when you’re creating the Job? Can this be changed later?
You can assign Jobs on the fly or reassign Jobs on the Dispatch Board.
When assigning a Job, does the system look to see if those employees are working that day?
No, you can schedule Resources regardless of their days off. You can see who is scheduled off on the Team Assignments on the Dispatch Board (More > Assign Teams).
Suppose I enter the Team size as two people but it turns out that only one works the actual Job. Does the system figure out the math as to what has happened in reality?
If you're clocking your time, yes. The Actual Hours will reflect whatever was worked.
How do I add Products to a Job when I’m scheduling it?
Just click the cog icon once you select a Service to attach Product.
If I end up using Product on the Job, do I have to put the Product info in the Job Notes and then update the Invoice as well?
You can add the Product directly to the Job regardless of whether you Invoice it. If you plan to Invoice the Product, you can update that Invoice Description when you create the Job.
I don't see the Discount I need. How do you add an additional Discount type?
Settings > Discounts. You cannot add Discounts this way if you sync with QBO.
Will Job Notes translate to Spanish?
No. Any fields you type in will not auto-translate. Only fixed fields translate.
Is the call ahead check box available on a One-Time job?
Yes. It is on the Details tab.
Can you set call ahead for every job created for a client?
Yes but you would have to do it manually on each job.
If I Invoice a Job separately, does that mean the balance for a One-Time Job won't show up on the portal for a Recurring Job? Will there be a balance for the One-Time Job and a balance for the weekly Recurring Job?
No, it all contributes to the same Account Balance. It means that if you normally Invoice a Client monthly, their One-Time Job will be on a different Invoice than the weekly Jobs.
Can I Invoice a Job separately once it’s already been dispatched?
The Invoice separately feature will only update if the Job is in a "Pending" status. If the Job is dispatched, set it back to Pending, make the change, save, and re-dispatch.


Recurring Jobs

When you schedule a Recurring job, when it comes to the end are you notified that it is ending?
Recurring Jobs don't expire. They'll continue being scheduled until you Pause or Cancel the Master Job.
Can you set up a Recurring job with a zero dollar value?
Can you pause Recurring Jobs?
Would I pause Services if I'm closed for one week during Christmas?
Master Schedules are customizable so you would just de-select any dates you won’t be performing service. It’s much faster to update the Master Schedule than it would be to pause every single Master Job. 
If you pause a Recurring Job and pick a "restart" date, will the system automatically restart it?
No, this date only serves as a reminder. Even if a Restart Date is entered, you must still manually restart a Service or Package. 
If you pause a job, does it still show up on the Waiting List or Dispatch Board?
Paused Jobs will not appear on the Waiting List or Dispatch Board.
Where do the notes appear when pausing a job?
If a Job is paused, whatever Job Notes were entered will remain on the Job through the duration of the pause. When the Job is resumed, the Job Notes will still be there.
Once a service is paused, are those jobs still on the record? Do they need to be left alone or should they be cancelled at some point?
When a Job is paused, they remain on the Client account record. A Pause should be temporary. If they're never going to receive that Service again, you can just cancel it.


Waiting List

How do I view the Waiting List?
Scheduling > Waiting List. If you’re already on the Dispatch Board, you can also change the view here: mceclip0.png
If I put a job on the Waiting List, how are the crews notified that its available to be done?
Resources can only see Jobs in a “Dispatched” status. You will need to move Jobs from the Waiting List to the Dispatch Board, assign, and Dispatch them.
How do I return a job to the Waiting List? What if we schedule a job as a One-Time job but we want to change it to a Waiting List job?
One-Time and Waiting List jobs are not interchangeable. You can only send Waiting List Jobs back to the Waiting List from the Dispatch Board (Actions > Waiting List). You can always change the date of a One-Time Job but it will remain on the Dispatch Board.
If you do not dispatch a job from the Waiting List within the date range, does it go away or stay on the list?
It stays in the list. Once the end date is passed it's highlighted in red to let you know it's been missed.
Can Waiting List Jobs be seen from the mobile apps?
No, you can only see Dispatched Jobs on the mobile apps.
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