About the QuickBooks Sync Connector

If you sync with QuickBooks Desktop, this article explains the parts of the sync connector and some basic information about the syncing process. 

The Sync Connector Icon

As part of the initial sync process, an application is installed on your computer with an icon on the desktop that you will use to open the application:


The Connector is only installed on one computer. If you don't see this icon on your desktop, make sure you are at the computer where your initial sync was done. This will most likely be the computer where your QuickBooks file lives even if you can access it from other locations.

Parts of the Sync Connector

When you click the Sync Connector icon, it will open a screen that looks like this:


Most of the functions are at the top of the Connector:


  • Force Sync - this is how you start the sync. This button must be clicked to start the sync upon opening. QuickBooks must also be open in order to start the sync.
  • Stop - If the sync is running, this button will stop the sync. The sync will not stop until the end of whatever category is currently processing. For example, if the sync is processing 1 of 1100 Invoices, it will not stop until all Invoices have synced.  
  • Close Autosync - this will close the sync connector. 
  • Update Balance Report - this button will start a special kind of sync that will process through every current and former Client to update their account balance on the QB Comparison Report in SA. 
  • Import Transactions - this is for advanced troubleshooting by a QB Sync Support Rep.
  • Username and Password - these login credentials are required to run the sync. They can be those of any Full User in SA. Any time the sync is run, corresponding Audit Trails in SA will show this user as having taken the action. These fields will be auto-populated after the first successful sync.  
  • Create TLF - this is for advanced troubleshooting by a QB Sync Support Rep.
  • Recent Activity - this tab will show all items as they sync to QB and whether they are added or updated.
  • Messages - this is the tab where you will see “error” messages. These are items that have not synced. The message will display some sort of text as to why the item did not sync.

At the bottom of the Sync Connector is the Status. If the sync is not running: 

  • If the connector was opened and the sync has not been run, this will display a timestamp of when the last sync was run.
  • If the connector was opened and a sync has completed, this will display a timestamp of the last sync and the next sync.
  • If a sync has never been run, this will say “Ready”. A message of “Ready” may indicate an issue with the sync connector if the sync has been run in the past.

If the sync is running, the status will change rapidly to reflect whatever category of items is currently processing. 

Running the Sync

Once you click Force Sync, as long as QuickBooks and the Connector remain open the sync will run every two hours. The sync will automatically terminate overnight to allow us to run any updates without running the risk of messing up your data while the sync is running. This means you will need to initiate the sync every morning. We advise that you close both QuickBooks and the Connector at the end of each day and shut down your computer before leaving. This helps to protect your computer and guards against anything like automatic updates when no one is around. 

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