Set Up Custom Fields

You can create Custom Fields in Service Autopilot to use on Clients and Leads to keep a record of information that doesn't exist in the basic Client overlay. These Custom Fields can then be used to create custom rates on Services for Estimates or Jobs. They are also commonly used for property information like a gate code or if the Client has dogs.

Custom Fields can also be set up to be viewed on the Legacy App or the Team App.

This article explains how to properly set up a custom field type. To do this, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Custom Fields.
  2. Click Add Custom Field.
  3. In the Add Custom Field overlay, enter details about the Custom Field. 


  4. Click Save.

This Custom Field will now be available for use on any Client or Lead Account. Update values by going to a Client/Lead account > Edit > Custom Fields

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