Search Bar

The Search Bar can be accessed from any Service Autopilot screen. It allows you to search for Clients and Leads without leaving your current screen:


Type part of a name, address, phone number, or email address into the Search Bar then press Enter to search:


The total number of results will be displayed at the top of the list. All results will populate as you scroll down.

When you enter search criteria, results will be pulled on five different tabs: Clients & Leads, Former Clients & Leads, Tickets, Invoices, and Payments:


Clients and Leads will appear in the same search results. Leads will be designated with a red circle that contains a white "L" inside:


Searches for Clients and Leads will include sub-properties by certain criteria. If you click on the name of a Client or Lead, the corresponding account page will load.

If Invoices are past due, this will be noted under the Amount column:


If Payments are unapplied, this will be noted under the Amount column, as well.

Clicking on a Ticket, Invoice, or Payment will open the corresponding overlay:


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