Master Packages vs Master Schedules

Master Packages, Master Schedules, how do I know which one I need? The first step is understanding the terminology used within the system: 

Master Packages are a collection of Services, typically offered to a Client as a bundle, that are scheduled based on a date range rather than a specific date.

  • Commonly used for things like fertilization jobs or pest control
  • Jobs in a Master Package will go to the Waiting List
  • The Services used in Master Packages are typically marketed to a Client together as a package e.g. a 5-round fertilization package or 7-round mosquito spray package

Master Schedules allow you to set up a scheduling template that can be used on Recurring Jobs.

  • Commonly used for things like lawn mowing or cleaning services
  • Jobs on a Master Schedule will go to the Dispatch Board
  • A Service using a Master Schedule is typically marketed as a single service with multiple visits e.g. 20 visits of lawn mowing or two times a week cleaning

If you are new to SA from a different software, you can import both Master Packages and Master Schedules into SA or have them imported by our Imports Team. These are both things that are best handled by one on our Imports Specialists unless you are a master SA user. They can also help you figure out which one you need if you are unsure.


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