Release Notes | February 2020

 This release debuts two major components of the Service Autopilot V3 redesign.

  • Invoices, Payments, and Credits screens have been redesigned.
  • Forms has been overhauled, and V3 Forms can be used on the Team app.

How do you see the new screens in SA?

After you launch Service Autopilot, navigate to any of these:

  • Marketing > Forms
  • Accounting > Invoices
  • Accounting > Payments
  • Accounting > Credits

You will have a “try it out” link at the top of these screens to switch to the V3 version. You can click the “switch back” link to switch back to the old version of SA at any time.  


Training Resources

The Help Center contains training videos and documentation about V3 Invoices and Forms.

Videos and Knowledge Base Articles

Go to HELP > Knowledge Base and search on “V3” or the specific category.

User Guides

Go to HELP > User Guide and look for Forms and Team App user guides under BASIC FEATURES.


New and Updated Features

Invoices, Payments, and Credits

The V3 versions of the Invoices, Payments, and Credits screens have been redesigned to be more streamlined and intuitive.

Manipulating the screens

V3 screens have a new design, but they are consistent:

  • The first thing you’ll notice is that you need to select a filter to see list items.

For example, invoices marked for Review no longer appear in red. Instead, you can filter the list by using the filter “Invoice Reminders” and then selecting “Invoices Flagged for Review" to see these invoices. Select the first invoice to review it, then click the arrow keys to move to the next one.

  • On any screen, you’ll see options for only the appropriate actions you might need to take.
  • Select one or more items in a list, and the Actions menu appears.
  • Tabs are now "Common Filters." Click “All Saved Filters” to see the list of filters supplied by SA. You also can create and save your own custom filters.
  • Colors highlight the most likely actions you’ll take. For example, on the Invoices screen, the Charge Cards button appears in color, while the other buttons have a white background.
  • Anything in blue means a clickable link.
  • All actions menus and filters appear on the left side of the screen.
  • Most screens have two overlays: Review and Edit.

Clearent Virtual Terminal

  • To assist Members looking at their transactions on the Clearent Virtual Terminal, we’ve added the client’s billing and service addresses.


With this release, the Forms feature has been completely redesigned. In addition, V3 Forms is available by default to all Pro and Pro Plus Members.

We’ll continue to run the original V2 Forms function to allow you time to convert any existing forms you need. A few advantages of V3 Forms:

Enhanced Form Builder

  • Start from a Form template to get up and running quicker.
  • Forms can have multiple pages—click a button to add a new page.
  • Use conditional rules to jump to a specific page, based on the user’s responses.
  • Add your own videos and images.
  • Allow users to add attachments.
  • Autosave prevents you from having to hit Save—you won’t lose any work.
  • Field Mapping is easy to set up for items like client name and address. You can also map Form fields to custom fields in SA.
  • A Warnings list has clickable links to all problems you need to address before you can publish the form. Warnings are divided into suggested and required fixes.

Updates to Account Records

  • Duplicate Record matching – V3 Forms intelligently compares duplicate information, based on your criteria, to prevent multiple records being created for the same account. This might be useful when a client fills out a form multiple times from a website. V3 Forms will associate the responses to one account rather than create new account records every time.

Audit Trail

  • The Audit trail now shows a complete list of updates to V3 Forms.

Form Responses Screen

  • Sort records by read or not read – A dot in the blank column at left of table means it’s unread.
  • Mark a record as read - Select the check box next to the record and then click “mark as read.”
  • Manage Form Responses – The Form Response screen lets you manage responses such as reviewing, updating, or creating an account (for example, if "Automatically Manage Accounts" is off).

V3 Forms on the Marketplace (Certified Advisors only)

  • For this release, there are no V3 Forms on the Marketplace, though a variety of templates are available in the V3 Forms Builder. In an upcoming release, Certified Advisors will be able to post V3 Forms on the Marketplace.

Changes to User Rights for Forms

These user rights have had some adjustments for V3.

On the “CRM” tab under Forms

  • View/Create forms (under the CRM heading) — This right also affects the ability to include forms in emails to send to the client—if this right is not enabled, the user won’t see the Forms dropdown list.
  • Edit forms if unchecked, this lets a user see a form and view responses to it, but they can’t add a new form or edit, publish, unpublish, or make any other changes to the Forms list.

On the “Mobile” tab under Mobile App Assets

  • View/Create Forms is now called View/Submit Forms. This right affects Team app users.

Report Center Updates

We’ve added a couple of enhancements with custom analyses.

Custom Analyses

  • You can now compare columns in a custom analysis. For example, to find out what jobs are over or under budgeted hours, you can set a comparison on the “Filter” tab to “<” or “>” to compare Budgeted Hours to Billable Hours. This would filter the data to show jobs in which Budgeted Hours exceed Billable Hours, or vice-versa.

For more information, go to HELP > Knowledge Base and look for the article Custom Analysis - Comparison Function.

  • When you select multiple values on a custom analysis under Filter > Value, the selections now appear as bubbles instead of a list.

Team App Updates

The Team app works with V3 Forms, and Team users can add products and services in the field.

Use the Team App with V3 Forms

  • Field employees can fill in V3 Forms on the Team app.
  • The Team app can have prepopulated form fields.
  • Dynamic form fields — any time you make changes to a V3 form field in SA, the change will appear on the Team app immediately, and vice-versa.

- Only V3 Forms work on the Team app.
- V3 Forms do not work on the Legacy Mobile App.

Add Products and Services to Visits

You now can add products and services on the same day to already scheduled visits.

To add a service to a visit:

  • Tap “Add Service” and choose it
  • Add a comment if needed
  • Change the quantity with + and buttons

To add a product to a service:

  • On a Service, tap “Edit”
  • Tap “Products” and choose the product
  • Add a comment if needed
  • Change the quantity with + and buttons

Updates to Correct System Issues


Clearent Credit Card

  • When running automations with the conditions "Has credit card on file" and "Does not have credit card on file", there were some problems for users who are integrated with Clearent. This has been corrected.

Report Center

Custom Analyses

  • We resolved the issues that caused timing out when Members tried to access their Custom Analyses. These reports are now available.

Service Autopilot


•     Previously, the Delete Credit Card button sometimes appeared even when there was no card on file. This has been fixed.

•     We fixed an issue with the Pay Now link for invoice emails. It now works with Clearent.

•     In some cases, payments were being voided as soon as they were created. This has been fixed.

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