V3 Expenses Screen - Customize

There are two ways to customize the Expenses Screen (Accounting > Expenses): adding Filters and editing the table. 

By default, the Expenses Screen will display all items on the list. You do not need to apply a filter to see results. Click All saved filters to view the pre-built "Common filters":


This is also where you can view any custom filters you may have built for yourself. They will be found under the "Added by me" column:


Back on the Expenses Screen, you ban build your own filters by clicking Add filter. This will reveal the following list of filters you can use:

  • Account
  • Account Balance
  • Account Starts With
  • Account Type
  • Bill Expense to Client
  • City
  • Date Range
  • Expense Total
  • GL Accounts
  • Has Tags
  • Postal Code
  • Products
  • Services
  • States/Provinces
  • Street Address
  • Vendor Address
  • Vendor City
  • Vendor Name
  • Vendor Postal Code
  • Vendor State

Once you have added all the filters you would like to have on a given view, click Save to give your filter a name. The page will reload to display the name of your new filter at the left and you will be able to see your new filter on the list of All saved filters

You can further customize your view on the Expenses Screen by editing the the columns and column order. To move any of the columns, hover to the left of any column header to reveal a double-dotted line:


Click and drag on the double-dotted line to re-position the column. You can also adjust the columns by clicking on Edit Table. This opens the Edit Table overlay:


On the left you can remove columns by clicking the "x" or drag and drop the double arrows to re-position the columns. On the right is the list of all available columns. Anything that is already selected will have a green check next to it. You can select additional columns one by one or click Add all to add all columns. When you're finished editing, click Save.

However you edit the table, this will remain regardless of the current filter view. 

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