V3: Get Started with Forms

To access V3 Forms, go to Marketing > Forms.  If it is your first time visiting this page, use the button in the banner to switch to the V3 Forms view.


This list screen will show you the Name of your Forms, the Status of each (Draft, Published, or Unpublished), and the date the Form was created or last updated.

Here, you can:

  • See the list of any existing Forms 
  • Choose a saved filter or add a new filter to narrow the list
  • Create new Forms
  • Click a Form Name to open the Review Form overlay
  • Take an action on a Form by checking the checkbox next to one or more Forms
  • Copy an existing Form
  • Change the Status of a Form by clicking Publish or Unpublish.

Considerations for Forms

When creating Forms, be careful about including or asking for sensitive information. That is information thatโ€™s protected against unwarranted disclosure. Always consider:

  • What you are asking for
  • Whether you really need it
  • The purpose of your Form
  • Who will have permission to view the Form
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