Timesheets - Manage Timesheets

The Timesheets screen has two tabs to help you manage time records for your Resources. “Clocked Time” contains records related to payroll. “Work Time” contains records related to jobs. To access these screens, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Accounting > Timesheets.

  2. Click a resource name in the left panel. The resource’s current timesheet records appear.

  3. Click a time period below the calendar, such as Last Month, or select a date range in the calendar.

  4. Select the Clocked Time or Work Time tab to see the daily timesheet records for this resource.

  5. Change an existing time record by clicking it in the table and making modifications on the Edit Timesheet overlay. 

  6. To add a new time record, click the green "+" icon at the right of any row. 
  7. To export Timesheet record, use the options from the Action menu. 




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