Leads List - Create Leads with Smart Maps

Pro or Pro Plus Members who also subscribe to Smart Maps have the ability to create Leads directly from the Map. You can add Leads from the Clients or Leads List. The instructions are the same starting at step two. 

To create Leads from the Map, follow these steps:

  1. Go to CRM > Clients.
  2. Click the Show Map button. This will open the Map at the top of the Clients list and will display Clients as pins. The only pins that will be displayed are the page one results of the Clients list (below the map).


  3. Set one or more filters to narrow down your search area. Applying filters will re-adjust the pins. Alternatively, you can zoom to a specific area on the Map.
  4. Make sure the Create Leads view is selected on the Map. There is help text on the left to guide you. 


  5. Zoom in far enough to see property lines.
  6. Right-click on a property to add a pin. Your pins will appear numbered in order of their addition. As you add Leads, their addresses appear in the left panel. 


  7. Left-click the markers to remove them from the list. You can also uncheck their boxes in the left panel.
  8. When you’re finished adding Leads, click the Create Leads button in the left panel. A dialog box asks you to name your Leads and gives you the option to create Tags for them. Both fields are optional. 

  9. Click Save. The addresses will be added to your Leads list.


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