Invoice Customization - Overview

Currently, Service Autopilot has over 50 Invoice Formats to choose from and a number of message box options so that the formats can be tailored to your business's needs. To access these formats, go to Settings > Invoice Customization

From here you can customize Invoices, as well as select which format you wish to use. The page is very long and the Save button is all the way at the bottom of the page. Don't forget to Save any changes you make on this page.

The top of the page contains general Invoice settings:


Note: Allow Clients to Tip is primarily used for the Client Portal. However, if you select this option, it will create a Service called Tip that can be added to Invoices manually.


Message Boxes A, B, C, and D

As you scroll down you will notice four fields labeled Message Box A, B, C, and D:


These act as insert fields. Anything you enter here will automatically be inserted into the invoice format you select if the format supports the message boxes. Since not all formats support all boxes, you should select a format first.

Invoice Formats will show which message boxes are used and how they display:


Use the radio button below any Invoice Format to select it. Once you save your changes, you can open any existing Invoice and then click the Print button to see how Invoices will appear to your Clients.

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