SA Mobile App - Log Drive Time

Service Autopilot allows you to track Drive Time for Employees in the field.

To set this up, you must enable the Drive Time permission for each Role whose Drive Time you want to track. To do this, go to Settings > User Role and Rights. Under the Mobile tab, make sure that “Enable Drive Time” is checked and save your changes.



On the Mobile App

Users will log in to the Mobile App and clock in for the day by tapping their avatar. When a Job is selected, the screen will display a “Drive” option:


Tap the icon to start drive time. The icon text changes to “Stop Drive.” The truck icon appears on the right of your Job as a visual reminder that you’re in Drive Time. The Resource's status will update to indicate they are driving.


There are two ways to end Drive Time: Tap the truck again, or clock into the Job by tapping through to the Job Details screen. Clocking into the Job will automatically stop Drive Time.


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