Resync Clients With QuickBooks

If you sync with QuickBooks Desktop, the Resync functionality on the Client List allows you to flag one or more Clients so that all of their transactions will re-process from QBD to SA on the next sync. This is useful if there are transactions missing in SA or if Payment allocations do not match between SA and QB and you know QB to be correct. 

Note: If a closing date is set in QB, a Resync will not affect any transactions before the closing date.


Enable QuickBooks Resync 

Before you can Resync Clients, you will need to ensure you have the correct User Roles & Rights to do so:

  1. Go to Settings > Users Roles and Rights.
  2. Select your role.
  3. Go to the "Home" tab. 
  4. Under Other Access, select QuickBooks Resync.


  5. Click Save.


Resync Clients With QuickBooks

  1. Go to CRM > Clients.
  2. Select the Clients you need to Resync.
  3. Hover over Actions
  4. Select "Resync w/Quickbooks." 


  5. Open the QB Sync Connector.
  6. Click Force Sync.


Note: Any time you Resync Clients, the Sync will take longer to complete. The sync will go through all of the items it normally processes plus every transaction for the Clients who have been selected to Resync.
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