Get Up & Running V2 Course Videos

This list contains all of the V2 versions of videos used in the Get Up & Running course. If you are new to SA, it may be easier to learn to use the older functions of the system before switching to V3 screens, just for consistency. Then, once you're comfortable with your new workflow within SA you can begin exploring the new screens by using the Try it out button in the banner at the top of the applicable screen.

System Overview 
Navigation Bar


Adding Clients
Adding Services
Adding Employees 
Adding Vendors
Adding Teams
User Roles & Rights
Adding Products


What Type of Job Should I Schedule
One Time Jobs
Recurring Jobs
Setting up Master Packages
Master Package Jobs
Custom Package Jobs
Setting up Master Schedules
Dispatch from the Waiting List
Dispatch Board Overview
Routing Jobs
Dispatching Jobs
Completing Jobs with the Team App
Printing Route Sheets to complete Jobs

End of Day

Close Out Day
Invoice Settings
Installment Plans
Sending Invoices
Taking Payments
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