V3 Add a job – Repeating – Recurring Schedules

To add a recurring Job through the V3 Job Wizard, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Job Wizard. 
  2. Select an Account.
  3. Select Repeats as the "Job Type."  


  4. Select one or more Line Items. Be sure to fill in the correct quantity and rate for each line item. 
  5. Click Next to move on to the Schedule/Assign section. 
  6. Select which repeating schedule you'll use for the Job. The dropdown has your list of Master Schedules and gives the option to create a Custom Schedule.
    Note: If you create a Custom Schedule, it will only be applied to this Job and cannot be used on other Jobs.
  7. Select the start date for the Job.
  8. If you know who will work the Job, assign it. Otherwise, enter the estimated Team size.
  9. Click Next to move on to the Billing section. 
  10. Change the Invoice Descriptions and Billing Preferences, if needed.
  11. When you are done making changes, click Finish.
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