V3 Expenses Screen - Find and Report Expenses

Expenses can be found from the Expenses Screen by going to Accounting > Expenses. By default, this screen will show you all Expenses that have been entered into SA. You can filter this screen in various ways by clicking All saved filters or Add filter. Once you have the Expenses you want in your view, select one or more to reveal the option to Export the list:


The Export will generate as an Excel file on your My Day page. The spreadsheet will contain the following columns:

  • Expense Date
  • Client
  • Account (this is the General Ledge Account designated on an Expense)
  • Vendor
  • Notes
  • Amount
  • Status
  • Bill Expense to Client
  • Amt Includes Sales Tax
  • Project Number

As far as any reporting that can be done beyond the export to Excel, Expenses will appear in the pre-built Profit/Loss reports in the Report Center. A custom analysis can only contain a value amount from an Expense if that Expense is applied correctly to a job through the Dispatch Board. Such an analysis would not include any Expense information other than a value so the only way to generate an "Expense List" is through exporting the entries on the Expenses Screen. 

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