Create Estimate Emails

Estimate emails are optional but recommended if you intend to email Estimates to potential clients. Before you create estimates, it's good practice to prepare an initial client email and a confirmation email. This will help speed up the estimate process as both need to be designated on your Estimate Document.

You can create an email from scratch, or download a template from the Marketplace.
To create a new Client Email or Confirmation Email, follow these steps:

Create a Client Email

  1. Go to Settings > CRM > Documents.
  2. Click Add Document on the top right corner of the Document list page.
  3. For Document Type, select Client Email. 


  4. Enter a document name and description (for your reference only; these are not seen by the Client).
  5. Enter an email subject, which will appear on the subject line of the client’s email.
  6. Click Save. You'll be redirected to the Document Editor.
  7. Click the green Use Template button to select a customizable document template or build one from scratch.


  8. Create your email and insert text, images, and merge tags as needed.
  9. Include the Estimate Link Merge Tag: [quotelink] - This will take the client to the View My Proposal website. There, the client will see the full estimate, select specific services, and approve it. If you’ve added a signature line, they can sign the estimate with their mouse or finger.

The client email will look something like this:

Create a Confirmation Email

After a client accepts your estimate online, they can receive an automatic confirmation email from you. This would say something simple, such as, “Thank you for accepting our estimate. We’ll be in touch soon to schedule your services.”

You can create the confirmation email from a copy, from scratch, or by downloading a new template from the Marketplace. The steps are the same as creating a Client Email except that you don’t need to include the “Estimate Link” merge tag.

The next step in the estimate process is to create your Estimate Document.

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