Overview of the Dispatch Board

This article is an overview of the functionality available on the Dispatch Board. You can access the Dispatch Board by going to Scheduling > Dispatch Jobs

At the very top of the page under the Navigation Bar you will see the filter selection:


Click on any filter to display the filter criteria and apply the filter. Under the filters, you have the view selection:


Here you can access different views you've already created or create new views. To the immediate right of the View dropdown menu is a Refresh button. To the right of the Refresh button is the date selection. If you click in the date selection field it will open a date picker:


After you select your date(s), click Close to apply the date(s) and close the dialog.

Note: You can only filter the dispatch board for 90 days.

Continuing over to the right you have the Print button and the More dropdown list:


The Print button is where you can print Route Sheets for dispatched jobs. The More dropdown list is where you can Assign TeamsSend Text MessagesExport the Dispatch Board, Customize Sort Order, or Show Tabs.

Under the view selection and job total is the Actions menu:


Many different actions can be taken from here from changing the job status to routing to communication with Clients. To the right of the Actions dropdown list is a quick date selector. Choosing a different date will automatically refresh the page. Continuing to the right is the Edit Jobs button:


which allows you to reassign or reschedule one or more jobs. The Show Map button will display the Map so you can see jobs in physical relation to one another. Show Stats will show B. Hrs, job count, and total amount by resource. At the far right is the column selection for the Dispatch Board. 

There are additional functions on the grid of the Dispatch Board itself. You can click any status icon to display a dialog to make quick changes:


Clicking a Client name will open the Client Account in a new tab. Clicking a service will open the Job Details overlay. At the far right are icons to update Notes or add Products. 


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