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Service Autopilot offers a full two-way sync with QuickBooks Desktop (for Windows), and QuickBooks Online (new SA Members only). While the most common transaction types do sync, there are several transaction types in QB that do not, such as journal entries or payment discounts.
Best accounting practices in QB should always be discussed with your accountant or bookkeeper.
SA's QB Sync Support Team can help you find the best solution in regards to the sync, as well. 

Note: The Adjust Balance transaction type will not sync into QuickBooks and should only be used when syncing Service Autopilot with QuickBooks. 

If you find it necessary to use a non-syncing transaction in QB, follow these steps to adjust the Client's balance in SA.

  1. Navigate to a Client Account.
  2. From the Accounting section, click Add a Transaction > Adjust Balance


  3. On the Adjust Balance Overlay, enter an Amount. For a negative number, either put a hyphen in front or put the number in parenthesis. 


  4. Enter a Date. 
  5. Enter your Notes.
    Tip: It is best practice to enter your notes with as much detail as possible. Notes should reflect the transaction in QB that the Adjusted Balance corresponds to. 
  6. Click Save. The Client Account Balance will adjust to reflect the change.

Recent Balance Adjustments will be listed under the Accounting section. 


Older Adjustments will be listed under All Transactions. 


Note: Balance Adjustments cannot be applied to other transactions, such as Invoices. If an Invoice is showing as "Paid" in QB with a non-syncing transaction, there is no way to reconcile that same transaction in SA. Adjustments only affect the Account Balance.


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