What Automations Can Do for You

Automations from Service Autopilot can save you time and money by improving efficiency. Even tasks that involve multiple resources can be automated and the automation can be reused for similar events.

You might want to use Automations for:

  • Invoicing Follow-ups
  • Estimate Follow-ups
  • Appointment reminders
  • Upsells by month
  • Sales progress
  • Client reactivation
  • Credit card failures
  • Damage cases

Scenario: Follow-ups

For instance, you need to keep track of when to send follow-ups, and which employee to assign to each. You can build an automation for this process:

“As soon as this visit is complete, let’s send a follow-up email from the person assigned to it; then send a Ticket to remind that same resource that the email was sent. Finally, if the client doesn’t respond, remind the resource to make a follow-up phone call.”

Any time the designated visit is completed, it triggers the automation. The email is sent and the Ticket is created for whoever is assigned the visit. There are no lists or spreadsheets to maintain, and no need to manually create the email and Ticket.

Automations Save You Time and Money

An automation might be long and complex, like the process of converting a lead to a client with a scheduled service, or it might be simple, like the appointment reminder above. Either way, Automations can help your business to run smoothly and keep things from falling through the cracks. In the end, it’s all about saving time and making money.

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