Overview of the Estimates List

You can manage all your Service Autopilot estimates for any Client or Lead on the Estimate List screen. To access this screen, go to CRM > Estimates


This screen shows all the estimates you have in Service Autopilot. You can focus on certain types of estimates using the filters at the top of the screen. A couple of common filters are "Stage" and "Sales Person." 

You can create custom views for this screen, or select a different view by using the menu below the filters list:


Use the Add Estimate button at the top right to add a new Estimate directly from this page.
The buttons at the top of the table can be used when an Estimate is selected:


The options are as follows:

  • Bulk Edit - Make changes to one or more Estimates at a time by using the Bulk Edit overlay. For more information on this bulk edit, click here.


  • Bulk Create - This button allows you to add Tags to multiple Accounts at one time.
  • Delete -Deletes one or more Estimates.

    Warning: Deleting an estimate cannot be undone.

  • Copy - Copies an existing Estimate. 
  • Email - Emails one or more Estimates simultaneously.
  • Print - Prints one or more Estimates simultaneously.

If you have a lot of Estimates, you can change the number of results on the page at the top-right of the table:


Delete the number in the Page Size field, type a new number (up to 500), and press Enter on your keyboard.
Use the arrows to move between multiple pages of results.

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