Credits List - Overview

You can access the Credits List by going to Accounting > Credits:


The first thing you'll see at the very top of the page are the filter options:


Select any filter to see the filter criteria and to apply the filter. When you apply any filter the results on the page will re-load. 

On the right side of the screen you can click Add Credit to add a Credit directly from this screen:


Use the arrows under the Add Credit button to navigate between multiple pages of Credits. 

Hover over the Actions menu to see additional options:


Here you can also Add Credit. If you need to Delete a Credit, select it on the list and then go to Actions > Delete

Under the Actions menu you'll see two tabs:


Whenever you access this page, it will default to the "Credits" tab. Click the "Deleted" tab to see a list of deleted Credits. 

The top of the table has a number of columns:


The Reference column displays the reference number that is entered on the Credit. If a Memo was entered on the Credit, it will display in the Memo column. The Total Amount column is the total amount entered on the Credit. The Remaining column displays any un-allocated amount on the Credit. The Refunded column indicates whether the credit is applied to an Invoice as part of a refunded Payment.

Each column has a double-sided arrow to the right of the label. Click any of the arrows to arrange the table in ascending or descending order by that column. However you sort the columns, this will remain the next time you access the Credits List. 


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