Calendar - Settings - Show Map Code Colors

On the Calendar in Service Autopilot, you can choose to view Jobs and To Dos by their Map Code colors. These colors are different depending on what Map Code is assigned to each Client. If you don't have Map Code colors set up, this is a two-part process.

Part 1: Assign Colors to Map Codes

  1. Go to Settings > Map Code Colors.
  2. Click on any Map Code to open the Edit Map Code Color dialog. 


  3. Choose a color and click Save.

If no Map Codes appear on the list, that is because Map Codes have not been added to any Clients yet. You can add new Map Codes to the list and assign a color at the same time by going to Actions > Add. You will then need to add your new Map Codes to Clients.

Part 2: Calendar Settings

  1. Go to Scheduling > Calendar
  2. Click More.
  3. Select Settings

  4. On the Calendar Settings overlay, change the "Color" designation to Map Code


  5. Click Save

The Calendar will automatically reload and the bubble colors will be changed to reflect the Map Code assigned to each Client. If no Map Code is assigned, bubbles will appear black. 

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