V3 Add an Account

You can add an Account quickly and easily from any V3 screen by clicking the Quick Add icon in the navigation bar and selecting Account:


The Add Account dialog will vary based on your tax and validation settings.
Any required fields, including those required by your validation rules, will appear in bold:


The Add Account dialog will contain the following fields: 

  • Account Type - A type designation that determines whether Jobs can be immediately created for the Account (Client) or whether the Account has yet to solicit service (Lead). "Client" will be selected by default.
  • First Name - The first name of the Account holder.
  • Last Name - The last name of the Account holder. The first and last name fields combined will auto-populate the "Display Name" and "Property Name" fields.
  • Display Name - The name that will display for the Account within many features of SA.
  • Name on Invoice - THe name the client will see on their Invoice.
  • Phone (primary) - The primary phone number for contact. "Cell" will be selected by default.
  • Service Address - The address where Jobs will be performed. This field will auto-populate results when you begin typing. Select an address from the list and the City, State, and Zip fields will be automatically updated.
  • Property Name - The name of the property where Jobs will be performed. This name will display on the apps and route sheets so Resources know where to go. This is particularly useful for commercial properties.
  • Is This Account Taxable? - Determines whether tax will be generated on Invoices.
  • Tax Reference - Determines the tax rate applied to Invoices.

There are three options at the bottom of the overlay:

  • Save - Save your changes and return to the screen you were on previously.
  • Save & Edit - Save your changes and open the Edit Account overlay for the new Account.
  • Cancel - Close the overlay without saving any changes.

You can close out of the overlay by using the "X" in the upper-right corner or by clicking outside of the overlay.

Tip: You can view our Help Center for additional articles on the V3 Account List.
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