Installment Plan Review Overlay

To access the Review overlay for a V3 Installment Plan, go to Accounting > Installment Plans. Click on any Plan Name to view the overlay:


Like other overlays, you will find the Actions menu at the left and a preview at the right. Click Edit to make changes to the Installment Plan. If you need to manually generate an Invoice, click Create Invoice. To inactivate the Installment Plan, click Make Inactive. Click Advanced Actions to see the option to add Notes or Attachments or to view the Job History attached to that Installment Plan:


To view the history of an Installment Plan, click View All under Audit Trail. This will show you a record of all actions taken, the date and time they were taken, and the user who took the action.

On the right you will see all of the basic information about the Installment Plan at the top including the Annual Value. Click Show Advanced Options to see additional informational fields:


Click the arrow to the left of any month to see the line items for that month:


To close the overlay click the "X" in the upper-right corner of the overlay.

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