V3: Advanced Form Fields

With Advanced Fields, you can easily insert different kinds of data fields into your Form. These fields are already set up with the format you’ll need for common fields, such as Name and Address. Most fields allow you to add a label, description, or placeholder text. You can also use the slider to adjust the text field size.


  • Name - This field automatically maps to the First and Last Name fields for the Account.
  • Address - This field automatically maps to the Billing Address or Service Address for the Account depending on your selection:

    Select Address Type.jpg
  • Email - This field automatically maps to the Email field for the Account.
  • Phone  - This field can be used to collect a phone number. If you want to collect multiple phone numbers, select the phone type in the following dialog box:


  • Date/Time - This field lets the user select from the calendar tool or type in a date and time.
  • Multiple Choice – The user can choose only one option from a list. You can provide any number of options in the list.
  • Checklist  - The user can select zero, one, or more answers from a list of checkboxes.
  • Rating - Ask users for feedback with a numeric rating scale.
  • Review - Users can provide a starred review and add comments.
  • Hidden Field – You can use this field to store internal notes hidden from users.
  • Credit Card Update - If you're integrated with Clearent as a credit card processor, a secure form will appear for the user that will allow them to update their credit card information.
  • Text Message Opt-In - This field allows users to opt-in to text messaging.

    Tip: See the Consent for Texting article to learn more about the importance of this feature.
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