Troubleshooting Master Routes

In this article, we will cover common problems that you might face when using Master Routes and how to solve them.

Why is there a Job assigned to another Resource in my Master Route?

This can happen for several reasons. It's important to remember that Clients will not exit the Master Route unless you cancel the Master On Demand Job or delete the Client from the Master Route. Master Routes are designed to make sure you don't accidentally miss Clients' Jobs. Knowing that, here are the most likely causes:

  1. The Client in your Master Route has had their Job reassigned. When you reassign a Job to a Resource not searched for in the Master Route, the Client won't be removed from the route. Once added, the Job will remain on the Master Route regardless of the Resource search parameters. You will need to delete the Client from the route manually.
  2. The Client in your Master Route had a job instance (i.e. a One-Time Job or one occurrence) assigned to the Resource you're searching for. The easy fix here is to check the box that says "Exclude Job Assignments." This will remove those Clients from the route when you search again. However, if you've already saved those Clients in the route, you'll need to delete them from the route manually. 



When I Add to Dispatch by Master Route, why is it showing jobs I didn't search for?

When you build a Master Route, you are not adding jobs, you're adding Clients. The system will create snow jobs on the Snow Dispatch board based on the service you select in the Master Route. Here are the most likely causes:

  1. Even if the Master Route is searching for a Resource, it will add all Jobs to the Dispatch Board regardless of who the job is assigned to. This means you may see Jobs for Clients in the Master Route, which you don't want to add to the Snow Dispatch. Don't check those jobs so they will not be added to the Dispatch Board.

  2. Make sure that you've selected Services to add to the Snow Dispatch when creating your Master Routes. If that field is blank, the system will add any On Demand jobs set up for the Clients in the route.



When I add to Dispatch, why are Jobs appearing with a Route Order of zero?


The system Routes your Jobs based on the Resource assignment. Always check the Master Route to see which Resource appears in the Search Criteria. It will only route Jobs assigned to that Resource.


  1. If you are not searching for a Resource in the Master Route, then the order for all jobs will be zero. Select a Resource to search for in the Master Route.

  2. If there are some Jobs with a Route Order and some without a Route Order, it's because some Jobs are assigned to a Resource that is not in the search criteria. To correct this, you can reassign the On Demand Jobs or simply don't add those jobs to the Snow Dispatch.

Why are clients who no longer have an active On-Demand Job showing up when I search the master route?

  1. If the client was ever scheduled for a Service included in the search criteria in the master route (even if the job is canceled) they will still appear on the search. If you select “exclude job assignments,” it will exclude any clients who no longer have the active service you're searching for.

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