Team App - Log In and See Jobs

Map View

Map icons indicate the current status of a job:

Blue_Tag.png Solid blue - job is in progress
Finished_Tag.png Solid green - job is finished
Skipped_Tag.png Solid red - job has been skipped
Paused_Tag.png Solid yellow - job has been paused
Not_Started_Tag.png Green outline - job has not started


1. Log in using your Service Autopilot email and password.


2. The Load List shows the products you may need to load for today’s jobs. You can tap the blue arrow to tab over and view your properties individually before starting. Tap Start Day in either section when you are ready to begin your first job.

Pinch or expand two fingers to zoom in and out of the map to see the day’s jobs. 

Start_Day_1.png          or          Start_Day_2.png


mceclip3_-_2020-12-03T102731.884.pngTap the arrow to zoom to your location.

mceclip4__58_.pngTap the stack of maps to see the satellite view.

Blue_Tag.png  The blue tag shows your current location. Double-tap this tag to zoom in.


3. If you are a crew leader, you will be redirected to the "Review Team" window. You can tap the Edit button to edit your team. If you do not need to make changes, then tap Continue to clock everyone in. Tap the trashcan icon to remove team members or the plus sign to add team members as needed. 
If you make changes to your team, tap Save and Start Day.

Review_Team.png          or          Save_and_Start_Day.png

List View

The list view gives field users the option to perform bulk actions on jobs, like starting or skipping multiple jobs.

1. Tap the List button to see details for all jobs that day, including the time allotted and services planned for each client, then select the check boxes for one or more jobs. 


2. Tap Start Work At Job Site to clock into the jobs you’ve selected. The status indicator will change from NOT STARTED to WORKING or tap Skip Services to skip the selected jobs.

Note: After you tap Start Work At Job Site, the checkboxes disappear.


3. Tap any address to see the detail screen for that client.
4. Tap Complete Work at the end of the job.
5. On the "Review Job" screen, adjust any data as usual.


6. Tap Submit Time.
7. The status of the job changes from WORKING to FINISHED.

See details about today’s jobs

1. After you clock in for the day, jobs are listed below the map.

  • Drag the title area up to see more details about a job, such as products needed.
  • Swipe left to see future jobs.
  • Swipe right to see past jobs.


2. You can add comments by swiping up to see the Comment field.


3. Tap the Edit button to add products to the job or to skip the job if needed. You can also tap the red Skip button to skip the job.


4. Tap Complete Work when the job is finished.

5. After the last job of the day, tap Finish Day for time tracking.

The time spent on all jobs appears on the Dispatch Board in Service Autopilot, and the system adds a “Clock Out” record to the Timesheet for payroll purposes.






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