Team App - Log In and see Jobs

1. Log in using your SA email and password.


2. Your assigned jobs for the day appear.

     Pinch or expand two fingers to zoom in and out to see all the day’s jobs on the map. 


mceclip3_-_2020-12-03T102731.884.png  Tap the arrow to zoom to your location.

mceclip4__58_.png Tap the stack of maps to see the satellite view.

mceclip5__40_.png   The blue dot shows your current location. Tap the blue dot to re-center the map.


3. The Load List shows the products you may need to load for today’s jobs.

4. Tap Start Day when you are ready to go to your first job.


5. If you are a crew leader, clock in your team. You can tap Edit Team to change team members as needed.


6. At the bottom, tap I’m Ready to Get Started


See details about today’s jobs

1. After you clock in for the day, today’s jobs are listed below the map.


  • Drag the title area up to see more details about a job, such as products needed.
  • Swipe left to see future jobs.
  • Swipe right to see past jobs.

2. You also can add comments by swiping up to see the Comment field.


3. Tap Complete Work when the job is finished.


4. After the last job for the day, tap Finish Day for time tracking.

The time spent on all your jobs appears on the Dispatch Board in Service Autopilot, and the system adds a “Clock Out” record to the Timesheet for payroll purposes.






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