Reactivate Clients

You can reactivate Former Clients at any time. This will recover their records, transactions, and job history. The previous cancellation date will remain in the Client's audit trail even when reactivated. Once activated, Clients will again appear on the Client List.

You can reactivate clients in two ways:

Reactivate From The Client List Using The "Actions" Button

  1. Go to CRM > Clients.
  2. Go to the Former Clients tab. 

  3. Select the check box for one or more Clients you'd like to reactivate.
  4. Hover over Actions.
  5. Click Activate Clients. You will see a popup asking you to verify this change. 

  6. Click Activate Clients. 


Reactivate From The Client Screen Using The "More" Dropdown List

  1. Navigate to a Client's Account. You can do this from the Client List (CRM > Clients) or the search bar. 

  2. Click More

  3. Click Activate Client. There is no verification dialog from this screen. 
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