V3: Form Field Mapping

Many Form fields can be associated with or mapped to fields in Service Autopilot. This means that when a Form is filled out, the data in the mapped fields goes directly into the corresponding Account field in SA. One advantage of field mapping is that any mapped fields for known Accounts will pre-populate the data in that field.

You might find field mapping useful, such as in the following scenarios:

  • A client fills out a form with a "First Name" field. This field is mapped to SA so the first name will auto-populate. The user can edit the name if needed and that information will be automatically updated in SA.
  • A client fills out a “Change of Address” form and any mapped fields the client fills in are automatically updated on their account records in SA.
  • An office staff member receives a call for an estimate request from a client. Instead of going to the Client screen, the staff member can quickly gather information on the form while they speak on the phone. Then the form automatically updates the Account record in SA with any custom field data, such as turf square footage or the number of bedrooms in a house.
  • A client’s credit card charge has failed. You can send a form with the "Credit Card Update" field to the client. They fill out the form, and their payment information is mapped to their Account in SA so it's automatically updated. 

Map a Field on a Form to a Field in SA

Form templates are already set up to map some standard fields, such as contact information. If you have an additional field in SA, such as a custom field, you can map it to your form field by following these steps:

  1. On the Form Designer, select a field in the right panel.
  2. On the EDIT tab, select a field from the FIELD MAPPING dropdown list. 


    Please visit our Help Center to learn more about creating a V3 form.
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